July 6, 2016

DAVID PHIPPS Benefit Performance in Boulder, Colorado

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13620179_10154377939257710_2864678191000711628_nOn June 16th, David Phipps of STS9 performed an intimate solo set of music in Boulder, Colorado to raise money for Conscious Alliance.

Those in attendance were treated to classic STS9, a number of debut tracks, and a cover of Radiohead’s “All I Need”.

2016.06.16 :: David Phipps (Solo) :: Arcana :: Boulder, CO

SET: Cycle of 5th (Summer Mode), Golden Gate, New Dawn New Day, …And Some Are Angels, Mother, Breathe In, Aimlessly, All I Need, Warrior

Listen here –> http://bit.ly/29sqB3P

JAW GEMS announces new LP, HEATWEAVER!

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jaw-gems-41JAW GEMS announces new LP, HEATWEAVER, coming August 2016 through 1320 Records!

Check out the exclusive song premiere of ‘DaVinci’ here –> http://bit.ly/29y85tX

June 17, 2016

MODERN MEASURE Releases TWO New Tracks!

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ClCbWhqWQAAXe71.jpg-largeModern Measure releases TWO tracks just two weeks after the release of their third EP, Epicenter.

Download bonus track ‘Wax’ here.

Download exclusive remix for Zoogma’s New Era album here.

June 3, 2016


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modernepicenterModern Measure’s third EP, Epicenter, is here!

Following the albums recording in the historic Muscle Shoals Studio, Kyle Holly states, “We were so excited about recording in such a legendary place that so many incredible artists recorded in. The should of the place was beyond inspiring.”

Grab your FREE copy here –> http://bit.ly/22CJMMb

June 1, 2016

STS9 Summer Camp Download

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STS9 :: 2016.05.27 :: Summer Camp Music Festival :: Chillicothe, IL
SET: Totem, STS9, Vapors, Rent, Awesome feat Cool Kids (STS9 Remix), The Unquestionable Supremacy of Nature, Looking Back On Earth, Ramone & Emiglio, When The Dust Settles

May 13, 2016

STS9 Dominican Holidaze December 2016

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Back to the beach for the 10th Anniversary of Dominican Holidaze this December, along with Umphrey’s McGee, The Disco Biscuits, Lotus, Lettuce, Joe Russo’s Almost Dead, Shpongle (Simon Posford), The Floozies &  more to be announced!
Returning guest pre-sale: May 19th
General on-sale: May 20th @ 12pm ET
Full event info here: http://dominicanholidaze.com

April 20, 2016

MODERN MEASURE announces new EP, Epicenter!

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modernepicenterModern Measure announces third EP, Epicenter! Dropping in early June, Epicenter features an epic blend of live production and instrumentation.

With massive influence on the creation of Epicenter coming from recording the album in the historic Muscle Shoals Studio, Kyle Holly states, “We were so excited about recording in such a legendary place that so many incredible artists recorded in. The soul of the place was beyond amazing.”

Stay tuned!

April 15, 2016


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can we cacan can canFuture Rock’s new album ‘Long Ago’ is now available for full download!

“We’ve always pushed the boundaries between rock and dance music,” says keyboardist Mickey Kellerman. “With this album, there is a juxtaposition between tenses, our band name, Future Rock, and our album name, Long Ago. It symbolizes that we’re still thinking progressively with synths and electronic elements, but we’re also looking back and delving into the art of songwriting.”

Grab your copy here –> http://bit.ly/1Nd6JlR

February 25, 2016

Download Odesza ‘White Lies’ MODERN MEASURE Remix

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IMG_1241Download Odesza ‘White Lies’ Remix by Modern Measure for free here: bit.ly/1T8uBZR

January 26, 2016

STS9 2016 Tour Downloads

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2016 Downloads Are Available Now

Don’t miss a note of our Winter Tour!  Download all available shows soon after they’re played at www.1320Records.com, or on our Drip, where one low monthly fee gives you access to all upcoming live shows as well as select historic gems.

2016.02.14 :: House of Blues :: Chicago, IL
SET I: Oil & Water, 20-12, ROYGBIV > 118, One A Day, Circus, Forest Hu > Really What?, From Now On
SET II: Wika Chikana > Could You Be Loved (*) > Wika Chikana, Simulator > Moon Socket > Nautilus > Aimlessly, Love Don’t Terrorize, What Is Love?
ENCORE: Music Us
DOWNLOAD: http://bit.ly/1Qjk4KI
*Bob Marley

2016.02.13 :: Aragon Ballroom :: Chicago, IL
SET I: Orbital, To The World, New Dawn New Day, Shock Doctrine, Kamuy > Rent > Kamuy > Rent, Awesome feat Cool Kids (STS9 Remix) > The Unquestionable Supremacy of Nature
SET II: MOD, Hidden Hand Hidden Fist, Inspire Strikes Back, Scheme, Ramone & Emiglio >
The Light (*) > Ramone & Emiglio, Totem > In Due Time > World Go Round
ENCORE: Life’s Sweet Breath, When The Dust Settles
DOWNLOAD: http://bit.ly/248lyLZ

2016.02.12 :: The Pageant :: St. Louis, MO
SET I: Be Nice, Blu Mood, Poseidon, Black Satin, Golden Gate > Arigato > Call Jam > Tap-In, Evasive Maneuvers > New New 4 U U
SET II: You Don’t Say, Breathe In > Click Lang Echo > ReEmergence > Frequencies Peace 2 > Frequencies Peace 3, Vapors, EHM, STS9
ENCORE: Looking Back On Earth
DOWNLOAD: http://bit.ly/2173b7x

2016.02.11 :: Canopy Club :: Urbana, IL
SET I: Monkey Music, When The Dust Settles Reprise > Grow, Walk to the Light, Hi-Key, Grizzly, Totem
SET II: T.W.E.L.V.E., Dance, Luma Daylight > Tokyo, Equinox, Glogli > Instantly > Four Year Puma > Instantly
ENCORE: Abcees > Kaya
DOWNLOAD: http://bit.ly/1SvMW2r

2016.02.10 :: Liberty Hall :: Lawrence, KS
SET I: Love Don’t Terrorize > Gobnugget > Potamus > Only Light Remains > Potamus, New Dawn New Day, Crystal Instrument, Metameme, Rent
SET II: Hidden Hand Hidden Fist, Kabuki, Pianoir, March, F. Word, Hubble, The Rabble, Wika Chikana
ENCORE: Baraka
DOWNLOAD: http://bit.ly/1SQVstu

2016.02.06 :: Fillmore Auditorium :: Denver, CO
SET I: Golden Gate, Moon Socket > Looking Back On Earth, Glogli, The Paint > Monkey Music > ReEmergence > Monkey Music
SET II: Evasive Maneuvers > Kamuy, Arigato, STS9, Scheme, What is Love?, World Go Round, When The Dust Settles
ENCORE: From Now On > No Woman No Cry (*) > From Now On
DOWNLOAD: http://bit.ly/1QTvcL5
*Bob Marley

2016.02.05 :: Fillmore Auditorium :: Denver, CO
SET I: You Don’t Say > Frequencies Peace 2 > Frequencies Peace 3, Totem, By The Morning Sun, Poseidon, Four Year Puma > Let’s Groove (*) > Four Year Puma, One A Day, Inspire Strikes Back
SET II: Modular > Circus, Mobsters > Surreality > EB, Move My Peeps, Click Lang Echo, EHM
DOWNLOAD: http://bit.ly/1LeGs0j
*Earth, Wind & Fire

2016.02.04 :: Belly Up :: Aspen, CO
SET I: This Us, When The Dust Settles Reprise, Breathe In, Be Nice, Water Song, Orbital, MOD, Rent
SET II: Hidden Hand Hidden Fist, Simulator, Dance, Shock Doctrine, Really What?, Walk To The Light, Hubble, The Unquestionable Supremacy of Nature
ENCORE: Somesing
DOWNLOAD: http://bit.ly/1mqlk0y

2016.02.03 :: Belly Up :: Aspen, CO
SET I: 20-12, Wika Chikana, New Dawn New Day, The Rabble > Gobnugget > Abcees, Aimlessly, March
SET II: Equinox, Love Don’t Terrorize > Grow, F. Word, Blu Mood, Crystal Instrument, Vapors, Ramone & Emiglio
ENCORE: To The World (*), King Pharoah’s Tomb
DOWNLOAD: http://bit.ly/1Kac0JT

2016.02.02. :: Conference Center :: Telluride, CO
SET I: Bigs > One Two Three, Hi-Key, Totem, Today, Metameme, Moon Socket, Instantly
SET II: T.W.E.L.V.E., Beyond Right Now, Scheme Reprise, GLOgli, 118, World Go Round, ROYGBIV > Tap-In
ENCORE: Kabuki
DOWNLOAD: http://bit.ly/1PXfhhY

2016.01.30 :: The Wiltern :: Los Angeles, CA
SET I: Forest Hu > Really What?, STS9, Shock Doctrine > F. Word > Grizzly, Arigato, Ramone & Emiglio > California Love (*) > Ramone & Emiglio
SET II: Evasive Maneuvers > Modular (Improv) > Evasive Maneuvers > Kamuy > Rockit ($) > Kamuy, Vapors, Hidden Hand Hidden Fist > Call Jam > Hidden Hand Hidden Fist, Scheme > Frequencies Peace 2 > Frequencies Peace 3, World Go Round
ENCORE: EHM > Pianoir
DOWNLOAD: http://bit.ly/1So9G4B
* Tupac
$ Herbie Hancock

2016.01.29 :: Fox Theater :: Oakland, CA
SET I: MOD > Modular > MOD > Grow, Love Don’t Terrorize, Kaya > What Does Your Soul Look Like (*) > Click Lang Echo, Orbital, When The Dust Settles
SET II: Walk To The Light, Hi-Key, Golden Gate > Looking Back on Earth, Totem, Awesome feat. Cool Kids (STS9 Remix) > The Unquestionable Supremacy of Nature, Rent
ENCORE: You Don’t Say
DOWNLOAD: http://bit.ly/1P0ZZoL
* DJ Shadow

2016.01.28 :: Harrah’s Lake Tahoe :: Stateline, NV
SET I: Poseidon, Modular (Improv) > Moon Socket, Metameme, 20-12, Squares & Cubes, The Rabble > Monkey Music
SET II: New Dawn New Day, Dance > G Funk > Dance, Glogli > …And Some Are Angels, World Go Round, March > Inspire Strikes Back
ENCORE: Trinocular > Vibyl
DOWNLOAD: http://bit.ly/1PMRyul

2016.01.27 :: The Depot :: Salt Lake City, UT
SET I: Gobnugget > Mobsters > Surreality > EB, By The Morning Sun, Shock Doctrine, Simulator, From Now On, Vapors, Frequencies Peace 2 > Frequencies Peace 3
SET II: Really What? > Kamuy, Crystal Instrument, F. Word, Instantly > Rent, When The Dust Settles
ENCORE: Music Us
DOWNLOAD: http://bit.ly/1PlN16d

2016.01.26 :: Knitting Factory :: Boise, ID
SET I: Lo Swaga, This Us, Scheme Reprise > Four Year Puma, Move My Peeps, ROYGBIV > Water Song, Love Don’t Terrorize
SET II: Be Nice, Baraka, Abcees, Ramone & Emiglio, 20-12, Totem, Click Lang Echo, Hubble
ENCORE: Warrior
DOWNLOAD: http://bit.ly/1KdC4DE

2016.01.24 :: The Wilma :: Missoula, MT
SET I: Breathe In, What is Love?, Aimlessly, Wika Chikana, Golden Gate > ReEmergence, Oil & Water, Rent
SET II: World Go Round, STS9, Kabuki, Orbital, New Dawn New Day, Walk to the Light > Dance, Evasive Maneuvers
DOWNLOAD: http://bit.ly/1VkMHVA

2016.01.23 :: The Showbox :: Seattle, WA
SET I: Vapors, Only Light Remains, Tap-In, MOD > Modular (Improv) > MOD, Shock Doctrine, Blu Mood, Totem > Fame(*)
SET II: Glogli, EHM, Hidden Hand Hidden Fist, March, Mischief of a Sleepwalker, Scheme, Inspire Strikes Back
ENCORE 1: Poseidon
ENCORE 2: When the Dust Settles Reprise
*David Bowie
DOWNLOAD: http://bit.ly/1KzOiBa

2016.01.22 :: McDonald Theatre :: Eugene, OR
SET I: Arigato, Grow, Crystal Instrument, Bigs > One Two Three, Love Don’t Terrorize > Monkey Music, Equinox
SET II: Golden Gate, T.W.E.L.V.E., Kamuy, Looking Back on Earth > Move My Peeps, Ramone & Emiglio, 118, Awesome feat. Cool Kids (STS9 Remix) > The Unquestionable Supremacy of Nature
ENCORE: Pianoir
DOWNLOAD: http://bit.ly/1SbIuUI

2016.01.21 :: Roseland Theater :: Portland, OR
SET I: Really What?, New Dawn New Day > Frequencies Peace 2 > Frequencies Peace 3, F. Word  > One A Day, Circus, Walk to the Light > Kaya
SET II: Simulator > Moon Socket, When the Dust Settles, Luma Daylight > Tokyo, Four Year Puma, World Go Round, Click Lang Echo
ENCORE: Satori
DOWNLOAD: http://bit.ly/1Pb2KoP

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